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Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This is the first time I’ve posted a not me Monday, but I thought it looked like fun and I have a lot of Not Me ‘s to catch up on! So here goes…

My husband and I have always told our children (or rather our 8 year old, the 3 year old is still too young to understand this sort of thing) that as long as they live under our roof and we pay for their clothes and their haircuts, they will wear what we buy them and have their cut the way we like them. So we most certainly did not finally cave in and give them mohawk’s. Not just the older one, but both of them. I most certainly did not take pictures of the oh so cute, (non existant) mohawk’s, therefor I will not post the pictures up later when I have access to them. (Oh, and I did not cave in because McMamma’s boy McNugget has a mohawk. I would never do that because someone else did it.)

My photoshop skills are still a little raw!

I did not get off early one day last week just to hang with the kids cause I missed them so much, then I did not let them jump on the trampoline with the spinkler head attached to the hose under neath the trampoline while in their underwear. Nope. I, of course, would always make them wear their bathing suites. And never would I leave early from work. Uh-uh.

I did not bribe my 8 year old into clapping during worship with a cookie or his 7 year old cousin. (No need to bribe the 3 year old, he all ready had his cookie plus, he was all ready clapping and raising his hand) I also did NOT just use the word bribe. I would never ‘bribe’ my children. Their pediatrician said it was ‘rewarding’ them. So, nope… I did not ‘bribe’.

A few weeks ago, I did not laugh while attempting to scold my 3 year old for throwing the cat in the garbage. Nor did I find the same cat in the refridgerator just a few hours later. I also did not wake up said child after putting him to bed to ask him if it was HIM who put the cat in the fridge.

As for the darling 3 year old and the ‘animals’, I would not have to scold him for: The above, or putting the cat in his toy drum, replacing the lid, and proceeding to drum on it. I didn’t scold him for taking the dogs rope bone away from her, climb onto the trampoline and jump with the rope bone and laugh while the dog jumps on the ground trying to get to her rope bone, then throw the rope bone over the fence only to never see it again. My child would NEVER do that, so I wouldn’t have to scold him for it.

While playing catcher for my softball team, the umpire called time because a child ran onto the field with a ball. As I looked up and realized it was MY child, I heard the ump mumble “Where is that kid’s parents” To which, I did NOT get the idea to yell “Where is that kid’s mother”, nor did I actually say that loud enough for the entire field and people sitting on the bleachers to hear. Nobody busted out laughing either because they all knew I was his mother! Nope! Not ME!!!

Hey, this is fun! If I ever get a grasp of this whole blogging thing, I think I’ll participate quite often! Thanks McMamma for creating this fun blog.


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  1. Ha! Ha! How long did the mohawks last?

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