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4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Even though it’s really the 5th of July as I write this, but I felt it necessary to wish a happy 4th to anybody who might be reading this. (Which at this point is not very many people) So I guess I’ll have to wish most of my friends a happy 4th from my facebook page. But you’ll have to be my friend in order to view my profile! I’m so excited, I learned a new HTML link trick!!

Ok, so back to my 4th of July weekend, which actually started on Thursday. My department is so cool about holiday’s. The weekend of a holiday or the day before a holiday, they let us all leave 2 hours early. So my holiday actually started at 12:30 on Thursday afternoon. I picked up the kids from the sitter and came home to finish packing. After James got home, we finished up some tiles he was working on, we finished the rest of the packing and cleaned up a little, then we set off for Payson! Yippee! 3 whole days away from the blazing heat!
James loves to fish, so of course the first thing he wanted to do was, well, fish. Only problem is the one thing he loves more than fishing, is sleeping. So while he had these great intentions of getting up at 6 and setting out for the lake, the reality is that we didn’t get up until about 7:30. So about 9am, our fishing stuff was packed, the boat was hitched and we were all in the car ready to go fish.

(Don’t you just love my new photoshop skills? And yes, the boys are still sporting their mohawks)
This is where we spent the next 3 hours bating our hooks and dropping them in the water. James got a few bites, but none that took the bait. While I just sat and read my book holding my fishing pole. Nothing bit my line. Of course, I couldn’t keep the bait on the hook to save my life, so that could have been part of the problem! I didn’t realize this until I’d reel in my line and nothing would be there, but I’d have my line in the water for a good deal of time too. Oh well, I got a lot of reading done. I’m currently reading Karen Kingsbury’s Baxter family “firstborn” series. These are great christian fiction books.
After fishing, we all got cleaned up and had lunch. John had a yummy PB&J sandwich. I think Gary skipped lunch. He hasn’t been hungry much during lunch time lately.

The rest of the day, I spent reading my book, playing games with James, my mother in law, and her husband, and reading some more. John took a nap, Gary got to watch TV in the little room off the back of the house all by himself. He feels so grown up out there. It’s like a little apartment room off the back of the house. You have to go out the back door to get to it!
Saturday, 4th of July, started off a little rough. I woke up about 3am to Gary coughing. Not just a little cough, but a crouping cough. Every so often, he gets this horrible cough that lasts a few hours in the morning and then he’s fine. Not so this time. He wakes me up and asked if he can sleep with us. Well, John had all ready climbed into bed us and we’ve only got a queen sized bed. So I scootch over and much as I can and let him crawl in next to me. Between the 4 of us, I think we each had about an inch of space to sleep. So I decided to move into the spare room inside the house with Gary. Gary is coughing so bad, he asked for John’s inhaler so he could breath. This is the point where I wake up my mother in law to see if there’s any cough medicine in the house. She pulls out the adult strengh Nyquil that says for children 12 and over. So I give him a half a dose and he calms down. The next morning, I make a run to the store to get some children’s cough medicine and grape juice. He also asked for flips crackers, but after tasting them he decided he didn’t like them.
Ok, now for the fun part of the 4th of July. PICTURES. We went to a little park on Main street to watch fireworks. They predicted there would be over 10,000 people there, so we got there about 4 pm to secure our spot for the night. Right next to a grassy slope!

So, like any normal boys, they rolled down the grassy slope! I think if we do this again, we’ll bring the wagon so they can sled (AZ style) down the slope!

The boys must have had a lot on there minds.

Cause they both looked very contemplative at one point.

John found himself a new friend, who completely ignored him. (So not nice)

The boys played in the grass for hours.

They had a live band, vendors selling food, drinks, and of course, glow in the dark necklaces. I don’t think John liked being dressed like a warrior.

Ok, I think I’ve rambled on enough. I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July also!

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