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No More Monkey’s

Yesterday, I had to stay home from work because my 8 year old, Gary, was sick. I took him to the dr. and the dr. said “No More Monkey’s Jumping On The Bed” Actually, that’s what Gary told his grandma yesterday when she asked him in an email. I thought it was pretty clever!
Actually, the dr. said he has a cold, fluid in his left ear, and an ear infection in his right. Antibiotics were perscribed and later administered.

This morning, I decide to stay home with him again to give him more time to recoup. (And possibly to give me another day off with my kids)
I got an email from my mother in law asking how Gary was and if I thought he felt well enough to spend the night and go to a movie with her. So, I called Gary out the playroom and here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “Gary, how you feeling?”

Gary: looks a little downcast – “Not good”

Me: “oh, so I guess you’re not feeling up to spending the night with grandma and going to a movie tonight?”

Gary: “Well, I mean… uh… I guess… I feel a little better”

Me: “Yeah, but maybe still not well enough to go to grandma’s”

Gary: “No, really Mom. I feel a lot better. See.” Smiles really big and starts dancing.



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