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My addiction


The Lord is Good! All the time! 🙂 And my vending machine has not let me down.
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Ok, so I have several addictions. Including: Blogging, facebooking, reading… and the list goes on. But today, I want to talk about my Diet Dr. Pepper addition.

I usually only have 1 20 oz dt Dr. Pepper at lunch and one 12 oz can at dinner. Sometimes, I’ll have another can while I blog, facebook, read or watch tv. But really, that’s not too much. (is it?) But God forbid the vending machine at work runs out of my precious Diet Dr. Pepper. All hell will break loose! I will go to every vending machine in the building until I find a Diet Dr. Pepper to drink. The day the cafeteria stopped selling Diet Dr. Pepper was NOT a good day for the cafeteria manager. I let her know just how I felt about that. Or the day they RAISED the prices from $1.35 to $1.50. I don’t think the lady likes me very much. Can’t imagine way… I’m a perfectly pleasant person as long as I’m well cafinated.

Today, was one of those days. I was coming back from the cafeteria with my nasty pizza in hand. I put my $1.50 intot he machine and pressed the little button…. nothing. I like at the light that usually displays the price, and it said “Sold Out”. So I pressed the other little button and waited. Nothing… again, the display said “Sold Out”. Grrrr…. I walked to the other break room. This one has a clear screen, so I can see what’s in the machine and just have to press the letter/number code to select my soda… no Diet Dr. Pepper in any of the 3 slots either. Grrrr again… Today, I was simply too lazy to hunt down my precious Diet Dr. Pepper. But now that I’ve eaten my nasty pizza and taken a few drinks of the water I purchased instead, I’m thinking… I need a Diet Dr. Pepper and it would be well worth my effort to walk to the complete opposite side of the building to a little breakroom that I know never runs out of Diet Dr. Pepper and hope and pray that today is NOT the day that it finally does.

Yes, I just blogged about Diet Dr. Pepper. And now I’m off to hunt one down… wish me luck.


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