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Not Me! Monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week I did not put off doing my Esther homework for my Wed night bible study until the very LAST day. I did not take my workbook to work to work on while I was suppose to be working. I did not just repeat the same word 4 times in the same sentence. Then, I did not call in sick on Wed. because my 8 year old had an ear ache, and I did NOT leave my workbook at work on Tuesday.

And, if I had called in sick on Wed., then I did not spend the majority of the day on the computer sprucing up my blog and playing with photoshop. I would never do that while my children were home. I also did not call in sick on Thursday because it felt so good to have a day off that I wanted another one. Nope. If I did call in sick on Thursday it’s because I wanted to give Gary another day to recoup from his earache. Afterall, the doctor did say he had a cold and was contagious and recommended that he stay home for a few days. I did not consider taking the day off Friday as well, even though Gary spent the night at his grandma’s Thursday night.

I did not accidently lock my kids in the backyard while they jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler on full blast underneath them. Even if I did do that, it would have been an automatic reaction when closing any door to the house. After checking on the boys to make sure they were still alive, I discovered John’s pull up was so full of water, he could barely keep it on. So, I did NOT take it off of him and just let him jump nude. I also did not put on my swimsuit and join them.

We were expecting friends over for dinner Sunday night and I had planned to make boo cup for dessert. I did not get too lazy after church to go to the store and pick up the ingrediants, I did not call my husband and ask him to pick them up for me after he got done helping his mom around her house, and if I did, I did not allow him to take the easy way out and just buy a pie from Village Inn. If I had allowed him to buy a pie, then the pie would have fallen upside down and been smushed to the top of the box. I did NOT serve a smushed pie to my guests.

In addition to all the things I did not do this week, I also do not, on a regular basis, use my children’s watermelon bubble gum smelling body wash on myself because it smells so good. I do not sit in the bathroom and read my book just so I can get a few minutes of peace. I do not leave the same toenail polish on my toes for months on end because I’m too lazy to redo it. And finally, for this week – I did not spend 30+ minutes chasing down a Dt. Dr. Pepper and blogging about it.

Nope! Not Me!!


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