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What would your children say, Wednesday


These posts are all about the darndest things that kids say. This was started by Marianne and you can read all about what her kids and a bunch of other kids are saying here!

My 3 year old son, John, most certainly has a mind of his own. As does my 8 year old son. But this is about John. As I was saying, he has a mind of his own and knows what he wants. The other day, James and I were lounging in the living room watching TV. I was lying on the couch and James was reclined on the loveseat recliner. John came in the room and layed down next to me. It’s the greatest honor when John decides to cuddle with you because he’ll rub your back and run his fingers through your hair. But then John gets up about as quick as he lays down. He moves over to dad and lies down with dad. And just as quickly, gets up and lies down with me. This goes on for a few minutes, and finally after cuddling with me for 2 seconds he gets up again. I held onto his arm and tried to get him to stay, but he said he wanted to cuddle with daddy. I asked “Don’t you want to cuddle with mommy?” To which he replied, “No. Daddy ‘es (is) coo…. cool…. coooooooler”


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