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Getting Serious

Usually, I like to write all about my kids and my husband and all the fun and funny stuff that goes on in my household. But today, I’ve had something weighing on my heart that I need to get out and share with whoever reads my blog. (I know it’s not many, but still… )

My dear friend, Lori, invited me to join her bible study class. Their new study was going to be on Esther, and they were going to follow the Beth Moore DVD/Workbook series. This was a difficult decision for me, not because it was bible study, but because of where it would take place. The bible study is at the church where Lori attends. The same church my family left about 6 months ago for many reasons that are not applicable to this particular story, so I won’t get into them, except to say it wasn’t for religious beliefs. The doctrine of the church is sound. *sigh* After much prayer and talking it over with my husband I decided to accept Lori’s invitation.

Now – how do I start this journey without droning on and on and boring the crap out of my readers and still get in the key points I’m trying to make and get to the point of this post?

Ah ha! I see it now. Bullet points! 🙂

  1. Lately, I’ve been feeling like my faith is ‘plastic’ for lack of a better word
  2. Week 1 of bible study for me, which was actually week 2 for everyone else, was all about beauty, and how beauty is a treatment and something you do, not something you are. WOW!
  3. Week 2 of bible study (again, for me) was about meanness. How meanness has a history and talked about Haman being an agagite and Mordecai a Jew and how the two groups were mordal enemies since Genesis. Beth Moore encouraged us to find the threat that caused the meanness to come out and take care of it before that happens. Again, WOW!
  4. Week 3, for me started chapter 4. I was not able to attend the bible study due to a sick kid, but I did watch the DVD and did the homework in a hurry (8 chapters in 3 days) so I didn’t really absord the lessons from this week. Perhaps I’ll go back and do that at a later time.
  5. OH MY GOD! Week 4!!! This was just last night, so it’s a little fresher in my mind, but this is where I’d like to settle on and where the focus of this post is on.

Ok, so far so good? Have I lost anybody yet? I suppose if I did, you wouldn’t be reading this sentence anyway, and if you are still reading, than I obviously haven’t lost you… yet!!

So Beth Moore really wanted to drive home a point in last night’s lesson. A lesson on fear and courage. The last couple verses of Esther talks about the choice Esther had to make. Mordecai had sent a copy of the edict that all Jews were to be killed through Esther’s servant. I imgane the conversation would sound a lot like this:

Mordecai to servant: Hey, give this to Queen Esther. Make SURE she understands what this says.

Servant: Oh, yeah – sure man. Whatever.

Mordecai – Hey, hey… tell Esther she needs to speak to King Xerxes about all this. Tell her to ask him to remove this edict.

Servant to Queen Esther: Uhhh… Mordecai sent back this edict from Haman. It says that all the Jews in the land are gonna be killed. Oh, and he want you to talk to the king and ask him to remove this edict.

Queen Esther: WHAT! I can’t do that! Everyone knows that if you approach the king without being summoned, you’ll die. Only if he exents his golden sceptor will you live. Go tell Mordecai that it’s just impossible. I can’t do it.

Servant to Mordecai: Repeats what Queen Esther said. In the meantime, Esther in her bedchamber pacing the floor and ranting. “I can’t believe he’d ask me to do such a thing. My own uncle of all people. No worries, I’ve settled the matter. He won’t ask again. I know he wouldn’t want me to be killed by my own husband.”

Servant returns with Mordecai’s response.

Servant to Queen Esther: Mordecai says do you really think that ’cause you live in the palace you’ll be the only jew spared from Haman’s edict? He says that if you don’t talk to the king, God will find someone else to get the job done, and you’ll die anyway because you’re a jew. He says that maybe you were made Queen for such a time as this.

Queen Esther: *Jaw drops and turns a lovely shade of white* Oh crap, I hadn’t thought about that. All right, tell Mordecai that he and the jews need to fast for 3 days. I and my maids will do the same and when the fasting is over, I’ll go talk to the king. And if I die, I die.

Oh my! What bravery. What valor. To have the kind of conviction must be so freeing. So what if something bad happens. Bad things are going to happen whether you stand on the side lines and let them pass or face them head on. In the end, God will be there. Will you?


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