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What a sweet little boy I have! He’s so disgusting most of the time, that it actually shocks me when he does or says something nice! (Is that bad?)

Last night at dinner, Gary and his papa were having a discussion about Love. The conversation when something like this:

Papa: Who do you love the most?

Gary: God

Papa: You love me second best, right? Right next to God?

And you know what Gary’s response was? I almost cried…

Gary: I don’t put my love in order.

Where did he get THAT from?!?!?! I really don’t care, it was just so sweet.

Of course, I know the truth. He said that to spare his papa from the truth. ‘Cause the truth is that he loves his mommy second best. I tell him that I love him second best ALL the time because God loves him the most. I figure after all the pain of labor (just labor, not delivery) and the pain of recouping after a c-section, he BETTER love me second best! 🙂

*SIGH* I do love that boy.


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