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3 boys???

So, the blog is about 3 boys and a girl, but really that only pertains to the immediate family. Hubby, children, and me. In reality, there’s actually more boys. We live with my father-in-law, whom I lovingly refer to as ‘FIL’. He is the Master testosterone, the one who passed on his testosterone to my husband and is a direct decendant of our 2 little testosterones.

However – this week is EXTRA special, because there is even more testosterone living here. A buddy of James’ from high school is visiting this week, and wouldn’t you know it, he’s been invited to stay with US! Isn’t that special? As if there wasn’t enough testosterone living under one roof, we just had to add one more!

I’ve had a chance to sit and take stock of the situation and realized that adding just one more male to a household all ready full of mailes can make a HUGE difference on a home. For example, where there once was a nice, clean, orderly living room, is now home to an extra chair, video gaming chair, PS2, and 2 guitar hero guitars sitting in the middle of the room. A 2 pound block of cookie dough and an extra gallon of milk sits in my fridge, 2 extra packages of Oreo cookies sits in my cabinet (not that I’m complaining about all the cookies, it’s just an observation) More food for dinners, and yet we’ve gone ‘out’ every night this week. Are we really going to eat the food that was purchased today? Who knows? Not to mention the ‘extra’ ramblings of a certain 3 year old who’s favorite question is “What’s your name?”

As I wright this, my husband comes home from what was suppose to be a drop off of the friends cousin, but after walking in, find out that they did NOT drop off the cousin, but brought ‘her’ back here! YEAH, some testosterone relief! Maybe my sanity can hold on for just a little while longer.

Lord Jesus, please keep one hand on my shoulder and the other over my mouth. Amen.



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