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I will wait…

I’m trying to learn to wait upon the Lord. It seems like so many things are up in the air right now and the uncertainty is making me anxious. Uncertainty probably only describes half of the anxiety, the other half is the waiting for the certain things to come to fruition.

We are looking forward to a very busy schedule in the next week or two.

My baby boy is starting 3rd grade next week. I had just found pictures of him from when he was just a toddler, and now he’s entering 3rd grade. Where does the time go? How many mothers have asked that question? I know I’m not the first, nor will I be the last. His teacher set up is a little odd though, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. He has 2 part time teachers. One will come in the morning and stay until lunch, the other comes in after lunch. Gary does not do well with transition as it is, so I’m not so sure this is going to work well for him. But, we will put it in the Lord’s hands and know that He knows best.

James will also be going back to school, going to college to get his associates degree. He starts 2 weeks after Gary. Although, James only has to go 1 day a week. I’m sure if Gary had his way, he’d only go 1 day a week too!

James and I are both going to play softball for the fall season. We start practice this weekend. I’m hoping to not have another one of these incidents this season!

I’m looking forward to purchasing Photoshop Elements 7 this Friday! I can’t wait to edit more photo’s and update more of my blog! This is going to be entirely too much fun. (Is there really such a thing? I think I just made that up!)

As for the uncertain things, well, I guess there will be more praying and waiting upon the Lord. Something I’ve learned from my Wednesday night bible study.



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