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I love my husband!

I got an email a few minutes ago from him complaining that my last post was on Tuesday Aug 4th and what was he suppose to do? Read the Aug 4th post again? Why not? It was totally inpiring. Actually, I have no idea what I wrote on Aug 4th, but I believe I was inspired to write it. Why else would I have written it? I guess he was just bored and wanted to read the twisted thoughts that sometimes run through my head. I try to keep them at bay, but at times they come out in my writing.

Some funny stuff that’s gone on in our house lately:

John likes to mix up the names of the family members, so at times I’ll be Papa, Dad will be mom, papa will be Gary, John will be Dad, and Gary will be mom – not necessarily in this mixed up way, but in some form someone is someone else. (Did that make sense?)

Anyway – the other day, I was Travis (a friend who stayed with us last week) Dad was mom, and John was dad. John walks up to his dad, and this is out the conversation went:

John: “Mom”

Dad: “Yea dad?”

John: “Can I go play in the playroom?”

Dad: “Sure”

John: “BOO YEAH” as he pumps his fists in the air


Swine flu – When pigs used to fly

My friend is not talking to me, again. And as much as I’d like to pretend I don’t care, I really kinda do. Most of the time I’m angry and I wanna say hurtful things and just be done with the whole relationship, but the christian in me wants to extend grace and forgiveness, even when I don’t think she deserves it. Afterall, isn’t that was grace is? During these times of… ahem… waiting and quietness from my friend, I find I have to ask forgiveness from my Father all too often. My thoughts revert to what I would say when she decides to start talking to me again, and believe me, the conversations are NOT pretty. Or should I just confront her about it and find out what her problem is, again. Or just wait it out. Every time, the thoughts turn ugly, so I crank up the radio and listen to the christian songs reminding me of God’s love, forgiveness, and what really matters. That God loves her, no matter what – and so should I.


That usually kills the ugliness in my head and puts me at peace once more.



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