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Why is farting funny?

Seriously folks, why is farting funny? Why do little boys laugh so hard to the near point of peeing their pants when my husband lifts his leg and lets one loose?

And why, WHY does John think it’s so funny when James shoves his head into his butt and farts? This is entirely too disgusting for words, but even more disgusting is when John asks him to do it again! WHY IS THAT FUNNY????

Boys are gross – that’s the only conclusion I have come up with. They enjoy farting, burping, talking about pooing on everything, and pretty much anything excreting from the body.

Of course, I think I’ve been living with too much testosterone becuase it’s been wearing off on me. I find myself handing over a yellow M&M to one of the boys, then taking it back, pretending to fart on it and handing over a brown one. I suppose that’s pretty disgusting.

I need an estrogen fix. Thank GOD for women’s bible study


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