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I had ketchup for lunch

Well, not really ketchup for lunch, but I had it on my hamburger and used it for dipping my french fries in, and to top it all off, I had my usual… Diet Dr. Pepper to drink. More on why that’s important, you can read this post.

So, after eating my delicious lunch with ketchup I did a little research on it. Did you know that ketchup was not originally made with tomato’s? The original ketchup came from Dutch and British seamen (that’s sea men, not semen – you sick, sick people. Or was that just me?) Ahem… and was clear in color. Some of the ingredients included mushrooms, anchovies, oysters, and walnuts.


I once made a song about ketchup.
And when I say I once did, I mean I just now made it up.
And when I say I made it up, I actually just googled, ‘song about ketchup’
The ONLY song that came up was “Las Ketchup” which was a really stupid song so I gave up looking for a song about ketchup.
Then I googled ‘poems about ketchup’ and came up with a BUNCH of poems, but nothing I wanted to share here.
So I decided I would make up my own poem about ketchup, but what rhymes with ketchup?
So I googled ‘why rhymes with ketchup’ and here are the results I found from this website

ketchup •ketchup •callop, escallop, escalope, gallop, galop, Salop, shallop •develop, envelop •collop, dollop, gollop, lollop, scallop, scollop, trollop, Trollope, wallop •codswallop • Stanhope • larrup •satrap • caltrop •stirrup, syrup (US sirup) •Europe •archbishop, bishop •tittup

Which I thought were pretty lame, so I gave up on the idea of writing a poem about ketchup.

I did once use ketchup as fake blood to fake out my brother. But it didn’t work.

I should have known better than to ask my husband for topic to write about. He’s in toastmasters.



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