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A little bit about me and some conversations that really did happen

In November 2006 I was diagnosed with A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) While I’ve probably had this disorder most, if not all, of my life, I’ve denied it’s existence in an attempt to defy my mother. I guess mother knows best – sometimes. That is, until I lost another job due to my complete lack of concentration and, well, laziness.

So I sought out a psychiatrist who could cure me of this disorder. I was hoping he would tell me I could cure it with daily exercise or eating right or a combination of the two. Or maybe some sort of brain exercises like taking quizzes.


After a series of questions were asked, of which I answered yes or no to, this psychiatrist said I have A.D.D. and gave me some pills.

One of the main symptoms of A.D.D. is forgetfulness. Are you starting to figure out where this is going? I immediately thought – I already have trouble remembering stuff, how am I suppose to remember to take these pills? I don’t think these psychiatrist thought this through very well. Maybe they have A.D.D. and should be taking the pills. But then they’d forget too. *SIGH* And the cycle continues.

3 years later, I still have A.D.D., I still have pills. For the most part, I remember to take the pills, and they do help… A LOT! I found a job just a few short months after starting on the pills and I still have the job today, so I guess that’s testimony in and of itself that they do work. However, the A.D.D. tends to have a mind of it’s own at times, unaffected by the pills. Conversations often drift from one subject to another in a blink of an eye that leaves other’s baffled and confused. Except my sweet husband. He gets me and understands how the conversations switches so quickly.

One conversation I had with my mom last night – we were talking about the breakfast she was going to have the next morning with a friend of mine. Why she was having breakfast with MY friend is beyond me, but I suppose if that’s what God wants, then who am I to stand in the way?

Ahem – Anyway, back to what I was saying…

We were standing outside my house, and I looked down at the curb and excited proclaimed “Oh my gosh! I have an American Flag!” I was so excited, I completely forgot about the conversation I was having with my mom. Our curb had been painted with our address and in the corner was a tiny little American Flag. Since I had never seen it there before, I figured it had just been done. Later, I told James about my findings on the curb and he said he paid someone to do that the day we moved in. Last January.

After I realized what I did to my mom, it reminded me of a t-shirt design my husband sent to me earlier that day. It had a picture of a chicken on it and it said “They tell me I have ADD. They just don’t underst… Hey look a chicken!!!” So I then told James that I had never seen a chicken before. He was a little shocked and started telling me what disgusting creatures they were. Then I remembered I had seen a chicken before, so I told James – “Wait, I have seen a chicken. My girl scout leaders husband… ewww… he once fed me rabbit and after I ate it he told me it was a pet bunny they kept on their back porch.” By then, I was too grossed out by the bunny so I got up and made some ice cream.



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  1. HA! HA! HA! Love it!I think I was stalking your blog at this point and not commenting much yet, because I remember this story and a few of the ones before it.I have a friend who swears she has ADD who does the same thing from time to time. She'll even get up and leave the table in the middle of a conversation.

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