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I posted some pics that I took at the church last night, and I never did get my ‘witch doctor’ tools back. I guess I lost that battle.
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Staring out the window from my office cubicle wondering what to write about today. I know if I don’t write something, I’ll hear about it from my husband. Since I didn’t write anything yesterday, I know for sure I’ll hear about it today. Since I don’t know want him picking my topic again, (remember this post?) I guess I better write something for him to read!

Mostly, my thoughts are normal today. ‘I can’t remember what I brought for lunch today, oh yeah, the tuna. I don’t really like tuna and I didn’t have time to mix the mayo, mustard, and relish today. Maybe I’ll just buy lunch.’ See – totally normal, completely unfunny stuff.

Last night at church as I was picking up the boys, I decided to pull out my camera and take some random shots of the boys. Gary was carrying around this book light pretending it was some sort of weapon. (I can’t remember for sure what he was doing with it, but I’m assuming that’s what it was, plus it’ll make the story just a tad more amusing) He tells me, “look mom, it’s a (insert name of weapon here).

So, I take my camera and position it above his head and say, “Look Gary,” (Gary looks up at the camera at which point I snap the picture and blind him with the flash) “It’s a picture”.

This amuses John’s teacher who was passing by, so I figured it might amuse you too!

I’m losing a battle with my coworker today. He’s blaming me for a papercut he received because I was taking the stack of papers from him when he got it. I tried to make amends by giving me an alcohol pad and a bandaid, but he said he got the bleeding to stop and besides that, he wouldn’t use my ‘witch doctor’ tools. I’ve been trying to get my tools back, but he insists on keeping them ‘for next time’. Apparently, he’s planning on me REALLY hurting him and needing those ‘witch doctor’ tools. I guess I’ll just have to give him a reason to use them.

That’s all I’ve got for now. We’re looking forward to going to Payson this weekend. The boys and I are going up tomorrow and James will be joining us on Saturday. I’ve been trying to convince James to let me install PSE 7 on his laptop, then let me take his laptop up north with me so I have something to do in the car on the way up there. But he’s not letting me and I think that’s just mean. He might have a reason, but I forgot. Or maybe I just don’t want to accept that he has a good reason. Oh Well, I still love him!



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