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Monday’s Musings – only it’s Tuesday

Random thoughts, Mrs. Nurse Boy style!

When potty training a boy, don’t teach him to pee standing up. Trust me on this. It’s not pretty


Do NOT put your potty training child in big boy underwear before he is fully poop trained.


When taking a nap, never fall asleep before your child or havoc will be reeked on everything.


Don’t argue with an 8 year old. Their logic is WHACKED!


If you feel the need to argue with an 8 year old, be prepared to growl a lot under your breath. Don’t laugh when he present you with his logic. It might hurt his feelings.


If you give a 3 year old finger paint, remember to take off ALL articles of clothing and place him, paint, and paper outside. This will save you lots of money, and in return you’ll get a very colorful baby!


Don’t underestimate you children’s intelligence. They know more then they’re letting on.


And finally, if you ever get the chance, take Beth Moore’s bible study on Esther. It’s AWESOME!



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  1. Hmmmm…. I must have just been popping in here and there in the beginning because I did not leave a comment, nor do I remembet this post!

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