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Not Me! Monday & Not My Child


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It wasn’t me who took the day off on Friday to escape the hellish heat of Phoenix to bask in the cool breeze in the pines. It also wasn’t me who abandoned her husband who underwent surgery to remove 4 teeth and left him in the care of his father. I am an amazing wife and would always put my husband before a mini vacation.

If I had done that, then I certainly did not enjoy a 2 hour nap with my cuddly 3 year old after arriving in Payson and I did not wake up feeling refreshed and happy.

During said nap that didn’t happen, it was not my child who crawled out of bed after I fell asleep and locked his big brother out of the house. (When I say ‘out of the house’, he was in a little apartment room right off the back porch that goes no where but the main house and the little room) After waking and checking on my eldest son and discovering the situation with the lock, he did not ask me if I had heard him screaming, to which I did not respond, “No Gary, I was asleep.” I am always attentive of my children and wake at the slightest noise they make and would never fall asleep before them.

It was not my child who placed an empty garbage can on his head after the trash had been taken out and walk around with it. I definately did not take this opportunity as a photo shoot, and did NOT encourage him to leave the garbage can on his head so I could take more pictures. I also did not tell him to continue walking until he ran into the refridgerator, fall on his butt, and knock the garbage can off his head. I also did not laugh by butt off.

My wonderfully adorable 8 year old did not have the worst attitude the whole weekend in Payson. I did not have to make him sit on a chair looking straight forward until he changed his attitude. It was not the same 8 year old who told me, “If you don’t believe me, then I’m not going to believe you.” Luckily, the 8 year old is wise and humble enough to change his answer rather quickly! I believe his new answer was, “I know you know what’s best for me and sometimes you believe me and sometimes you don’t and that’s ok. Will you please help me with my homework now?”

I did not change my facebook status to “I think Gary needs an attitude overhaul”. This did not create a huge debate between me, my mom, and my sister.

What have you all not been up to?



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  1. Ya know, I read this now and see I needed to re-read that before posting it. I was supposed to say instantly corrects himself and apologizes 🙂

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