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Weekend in Review – even though the weekend’s not over yet. I just needed something to blog about.

Friday evening – fed the children PB & J sandwiches and made them sing the PB & J song. If your not familiar with it, it goes like this:

Peanuuuuuut, Peanut Butter, and Jelly!

Although, Gary has taught John how to turn some of the words around or even change some of the words. So John’s song most often goes like this:

Peanuuuuuut, Peanut Jelly, and Butter!

Oh – just had the idea to google ‘peanut jelly’ and guess what I found? Not much… except these:

And some other stuff, but it wasn’t very interesting, so I’m leaving you with these.

Ahem – Michelle, you were talking about your weekend, not Peanut Butter & Jelly or any variation thereof. Get back on track or you’ll lose your readers.

Ok, where was I? Right, I fed the children PB & J sandwiches because we had a softball game we had to get to by 6pm. Since the kids love PB & J and I love stuff that simple, it was a win-win dinner idea!

So, we get to the softball field WAY too early because James likes to get their SUPER early. The boys ran around like crazy chickens and John stole my water. I complained a lot about the heat, then we put on our cleats.

The first game started promptly at 6pm, and the we held our own for most of the game.

Most of the pictures I took of our game were not very good. Darn P&S camera doesn’t like the dark, or motion pics, or most any pics. Or maybe it’s the operator. But since the operator is me, I like to blame the camera!

James caught an awesome fly ball in the outfield. And I caught a foul ball that went straight up and back down again. (I was catcher) There many other great plays, but I don’t remember most of them because I was busy taking pictures with the horrible camera and I can’t do 2 things at once. We tied for most of the game, but the other team scored 4 points in the last inning, so we lost our very first game.

After that, we played ANOTHER game which we lost horribly. The boys were sprayed with the hose by the lady who runs the fields. Gary got all muddy and dirty, took his shoes off and ruined 2 pairs of socks. 2 pairs because they were mismatched when he put them on, now the matching socks don’t have a pair so they both have to be thrown out. But, when I told him to put his shoe’s back on, he cried because they were muddy and gross, and he didn’t want to get dirty!?!?!?!

Saturday – I got all my laundry done! Yeah. I was suppose to do housecleaning, but I don’t think my A.D.D. meds kicked in AT ALL today. So I vegged out most of the day. Watched TV, played on the computer. I did have one burst of energy at about 11am and decided it was a good day to paint the boy’s bedroom. James and I took out screws, push pins, and other various things on the wall. James spackled the holes. Then John needed lunch and a nap, and James decided he didn’t feel like painting the room. Gary got a haircut, thanks to Papa.

I love that crooked toothless smile!

James and I spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV, playing games on our iPhone’s. I taught James how to play Farkle on my iPhone, then he decided he hated it, but insisted on playing it on my phone. We were generally bored and James complained a lot. I decided not to go to the Esther party hosted by our Bible Study leader in order to entertain my husband and save the lives of the children. (sorry L, if I could go back I’d go to the party instead!)

James decided he wanted ‘soft’ cookies and ice cream for dessert tonight. We were almost out of vanilla ice cream, and we didn’t have any cookie dough. So I had to run to the store. I had to get some dinner stuff too, so I got everything we needed, but forgot the ice cream. Sorry honey.

I did get some pictures of the cookies though… just ’cause I’m crazy like that.

I did get an after shot, but I think there’s something wrong with my SIM card because it keeps corrupting some pictures. The after shot was one that was corrupted and by the time I realized it, the cookies were gone. Hence, no after shot! BTW, gotta love cookies in a tub!

Well, that’s my weekend so far. How’s yours?



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  1. See! I remember this post too, but I apparently didn't comment on it. I was totally stalking you already by now!

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