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Monday’s Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy style! Thank Mrs. Nurse Boy for this great idea!

Back to the potty training business, because that is my life:

Never teach your potty training child to throw his poop in the toilet after he’s pooped in his pants. This isn’t so bad if the poop is hard, but when you’re dealing with soft poop… it’s just not pretty. In addition, it makes him think he IS pooping in the toilet and will extend your potty training experience WAY past the amount of time it should.


If you’re looking into saving some money, I recommend buying an electric shaver. You know, the kind they use at the hair salon. So you can buzz your own child’s hair.


If you do, just don’t buzz his hair when he’s wearing nothing but a pull up on. At least throw a towel around him. He might look like a gorilla when you’re done. (Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures.)


Watching your children dance during worship is one of the greatest things in the world


Watching your children break dance during worship, not so much


Bribing your children to worship – well, I guess if it works I’m all for it!


Don’t poke a grizzly bear


When I say grizzly bear, I mean Father-in-Law


When I say poke, I mean do everything you can to provoke him to anger


If you do, you’ll probably make him angry.


Don’t allow your mother and your friend to become friends. The result may cause more insanity then your willing to deal with!


Don’t paint bedroom walls when you have a 3 year old running around the house.


Don’t leave the bedroom you are painting when you have paint still on the floor and you don’t have an eye on said 3 year old. It will result in a colorful baby and quite possibly a colorful room.


Don’t post pictures on facebook of the ugly dog your husband just bought and describe the dog as ugly, then leave your iPhone with your facebook ap laying around for your husband to commandeer. He will commandeer it, and he will post a comment posing as you contradicting what you just posted. If you’re going to post the pictures, hide your iPhone first.


Better yet, just hide your iPhone from your husband at all times. Change any passwords he might know just in case you haven’t hidden it well enough.


Even better still, don’t allow your husband to buy an ugly dog… or any dog for that matter.


If this does happen, then don’t delete his comment after other’s have commented. It makes for more confusion, then you have to post a comment explaining the confusion.


Don’t read the bloggess, then text your friend. Especially if you do everything you can to suppress the bloggess side of you because she will bring it out. You’ll probably lose a friend over whatever you texted if she doesn’t forgive you.


And finally, because this has gone on long enough

Praise the Lord for everything!



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  1. I own a buzzer but my wonderful son is allergic to it (meaning he hates it because he doesn't like his hair that short).Completely agree on the watching your kids worship comment. Completely breath-taking.And again, why was I so afraid to leave a comment? What's wrong with me!?

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