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Go clean your room!

I’m a sarcastic, sometimes funny (not really, but in my head I’m hilarious! I crack myself up all the time), mess! That’s what I am. I’m a mess. I leave dirt piles every where I go, both literally and figuratively.

When I was 4 (I don’t actually remember this, but my mom loves to tell this story) my mom told me to clean my room. I sat in my room and played for hours, never once putting something away. Finally, my dad came home from work. My dad was my hero! Surely, he wouldn’t make me clean up my room. He’d side with me because I was his princess. Or so I thought. Apparently, my mother had spoken to my daddy before I did. So when I tried to leave my room, she was standing there. Daddy was in another room, but I could hear him say “you’re not allowed out of your room until it’s clean.” I looked at my mother and screamed, “YOU’RE A MEAN, NASTY, ROTTEN, OLD WITCH

Since that fateful day, my love for cleaning has not improved. However, I have concluded that a clean home makes for a happy husband, mostly. There are other things that make him happy, but I won’t get into that. Then I’d have to change my settings to 18 or over and I’m just too lazy for that.


So, my house does get cleaned once a week, most weeks. But, when we are planning to have people over, the house has to be especially clean. Floors are vacuumed and mopped, furniture is dusted, counter tops are cleared and wiped down. And it doesn’t matter who the company is. We could have the Queen of England over or our best friends we’ve known for years. They will get the royal treatment before they even step foot in the house and they don’t even know it! The best part is that nobody even knows just how messy I really am! How awesome is that? (except you guys do now. Shhh, don’t tell anybody, ok?)

But what about those ‘unexpected’ visitors? You know, when your mother-in-law calls you from her cell phone and says, “Hey, I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by and see the kids. Is that all right?” Hey, at least she posed it as a question to make me THINK I could tell her no. Of course, that would be the one week (right, just the one week?) that I didn’t get the housework done. So now, I’m running around the house with a laundry basket in hand throwing toys, dishes, dirty laundry, garbage and everything else in it. Then the laundry basket gets shoved into a remote location to (hopefully) be retrieved later. (This technique, by the way, was introduced to me by my mother-in-law!)

I don’t like to clean my spiritual room either. When I do try to clean up my spiritual room, it all gets stuffed under the spiritual bed or in the spiritual closet. Then the dust will gather again and I won’t clean it for another month or more. Then I go to get something out of the spiritual closet and all the mess that was stuffed in there from before comes piling out. And do I bother to sort through it and put it away where it belongs? No, of course not. I just pick it all up and stuff it back in the closet.

Praying… well, that would be inviting God into my spiritual room, right? So, should I apply the same logic of cleaning up before inviting guests over? Everything has to be in order before God comes over. I think God just laughs when He see’s his children trying to get it right before they invite Him in. He all ready knows what a mess I am! He saw me get into the messes I get into, He see’s me stuffing the mess into the closet, and HE’S the one asking me to retrieve something from that closet.

So, I encourage you today to NOT be afraid to invite God in for fear he’ll see your mess. He all read knows you’re a mess and He wants to come over and help you sort through and clean up your mess.



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