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Random Musings – I know it’s Tuesday but Monday was a holiday!

This is my weekly random musings. This was thought up my Mrs. Nurse Boy at Poop on Jelly. I just love the name of that blog!

Try not to get behind on your blogging. All the crap will get stuck in your head and you’ll forget what to blog about.

When dealing with a certain 8 year old, give very specific directions on what you want done. Because he will not ask questions and will make assumptions.

This will lead to additional frustrations if you don’t.

Don’t allow your hubby to get bored over a 3 day weekend. Especially when he has truck buying on his mind.

If you do let him get bored, do not, I repeat, DO NOT give in to the truck idea. This is very bad.

Since you did not give him an inch on the truck idea, his boredom will take route in another direction. Such as, finding a babysitter for the little urchlings darlings then spend the rest of the time planning a ‘staycation’ at the The Point Hilton Resort.

This is very good!

On second thought, allow your husband to get bored. It could be very lucrative for you!

Allow your 3 year old nephew, who is also potty training, to play with his private parts when sitting on the toilet.

If you don’t, it will result in lots of crying, a huge fit, feeling like the worst aunt ever, and the use of the very last pull-up in the entire house.

This is not good when you have 2 potty training 3 year olds in the house getting ready for bed.

Since the nephew is not your kid, don’t feel the need to ‘teach’ the child. That’s his mother’s job. So allowing him to play with his private parts will bring peace to you and your household.

Watch what you say at the dinner table. Remember this, this, and this? It might come back to bite you in the butt.

Strive to learn something new everyday, whether it’s a new hobby, a new bit of information, or something about your spouse or children.

This will make life slightly more interesting then it was the day before

Don’t tell certain people about your blog. They’ll tell you to ‘blog about it’ with every conversation you have!

Write something controversial – it’s fun and will get people talking. For example, I posted on my facebook yesterday “I’m too lazy to be a stripper” It was fun!

Lastly – Love Jesus because He loved you first, He’ll love you last, and He’ll love you forever!

God Bless and have a great day!



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  1. Whoops gone again!

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