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Money Saving Momma!


This is an older post I had written a few months back, but I wanted to share it again for Works for Me Wednesday. This is my tip on saving money, and this works for me! πŸ™‚

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I think in today’s economy, saving money is really important. I am, by no means, an expert at this. But I have come across some really money saving ideas that I would love to share with anybody who might be interested. If you are, then read on! If not, then this post isn’t for you and you can continue on to the next blog!

My first step in saving money is clipping coupons. Every Sunday morning you will find me sitting at the dining room table with my plate of eggs & toast, a glass of milk, a pair of scissors, and STACKS of coupon magazines. My only advice about coupons is try not to clip coupons for products you don’t normally use. This doesn’t save you money if your buying products just because you have a coupon. (Unless the coupon results in something free, then totally clip it!) Otherwise, only clip the coupons for the products you use. I do clip coupons that I know I won’t use ‘this week’, but if it’s something I normally use, such as deoderant, I’ll clip it and use it closer to the time I need it.

Another great source for coupons is the internet. I found this great website called freebies 4 mom. On the left side of her tool bar, she has a list of websites for great coupons. I got a Glade Sense & Spray for $1 because of this coupon, although you can get it for free at Walgreens.

My next step is to make a list of meals. I go through my pantry, fridge, and freezer to see what I still have from the previous week and what I can use to make for meals this week. I write out a meal plan based on the items I all ready have, then come up with meals that I still need. I make sure I have 7 meals planned for the week. Also, I make sure to include any side dishes and/or veggies. I go through the coupons I’ve clipped to see if I can save money on meals.

The grocery list is next. I have a basic list that I start with every week that I’ve saved on my desktop. The basic list includes the items I buy every week. Such as bread, milk, soda, etc. This helps with the whole A.D.D. thing since I’m so prone to forgetting stuff. I then add the items I need for meals, then the items on the short list. (The short list is a list of items that we’ve run out of, or any items that family members need that is posted on the fridge), then any other random items that I decide we need for the week. I tried copying my most recent list into this post, but this format is not allowing me to do it.

My last step before actually going shopping is price matching. I always shop at Walmart because they will price match any competitor’s advertised price. This usually takes the longest amount of time, but well worth the effort! Our local grocery stores here are Fry’s, Safeway, Albertsons, and Basha’s. I’ll go to each of their websites and browse through the weekly ads. The thing I love about these websites, is they have a button to ‘add to printable list’. Any item that is on my list that is also on one of these weekly ads, I’ll add to the printable list. I make sure to write on my grocery list next to the item the advertised price. Next to the advertised price, I have a column for the Walmart price. After all the items are added to the printable list, you can print out only the items that you added to your list! Make sure you take each of your ads to show to the cashier in case they question you on a price.

When you get to Walmart, make sure to take note of the Walmart price and write it next to the ad price. This makes it easy to see if you’ve got a good deal or not. If not, you simply scratch off the ad price. If you do, that’s awesome! Make sure you keep these items seperate because the cashier will need to manually enter the price as they scan it. Also, they won’t take buy 1 get 1 free deals. (Bummer)

Last week, I got free toothepaste! It was awesome. One of the competitors ads had aquafresh on sale for $1 and I had a $1 off coupon! I was very happy about free toothepaste!! πŸ™‚

Usually, the grocery shopping is hubby’s deal. He tells me I’m fired all the time because I constantly forget to get something. However, with stuff going on around here, James hasn’t had much time for grocery shopping. The last couple of weeks, this task has been left up to me and that’s when I discovered this awesome money saving idea! Last week, James decided he was going to take over the grocery shopping again, so I told him how I’ve been saving so much money. After grocery shopping with him, he decided he really liked Walmarts price match!

Ok, besides the grocery shopping, I also invested a few dollars on an electric razor. I now give both my boys haircuts at home. Although, I really have no idea how to cut hair, but using the guards makes it a cinch. No more paying $13+tip on a hair cut!

And lastly, I saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico. You knew I would go there!

Well, now you know how I save money. I’d love to hear your money saving tips!



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  1. There I am and it's funny because I thought of the same thing to tell you again! "Have you checked out shop4freebies?" Blah, blah, blah. But the site name I forgot is shortcuts.com in case you were interested :0)It looks like I'm getting a little friendlier here. I must have been warming up to you. I'm telling you I can be shy even on the internet!

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