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My ‘Disclaimer’ will just have to wait and some blog changes

So, I’ve been trying to make some changes to my blog. I finally got my own custom background, changed my signature, and added a divider. Not sure if I like the divider though. I’ll keep it for a while and see how it goes. Anyway, I’ve been trying out a navigation bar but feel like I should put up an ‘about me’ tab. So, I sat down to write the ‘about me’ info and started thinking… this is more of a ‘disclaimer’ then ‘about me’. You know, like all the legal stuff you’d put before a potentially contraversial ad or commercial or something. ‘Cause, seriously, I should come with a disclaimer. I am potentially harmful. James tells me all the time that I hurt his brain. That should be in the disclaimer too.

Like, last Saturday. James and his dad were gone ALL day taking their CCW class. James called me at one point to tell me that his dad’s truck had a flat tire and they were going to call roadside assistance but needed the VIN # off the truck and asked if I would go get it. (They took James’ truck in case you didn’t get that) Of course, I told them I would and, of course, like I usually do…. I forgot. So James texts me about an hour later and asked if I got the VIN # off the truck yet. My response: “Honey, I can’t get the VIN # off the truck. The truck is really high off the ground, so I would have to crawl onto the truck in order to get the #. And since it’s raining, I’ll probably slip and fall off the truck and hit my head on the way down. Since the truck is in the driveway, nobody will notice me lying there when the neighbors look out their window or walk by. And since I’m the only one home right now, it will be hours before I’m noticed, at which point I’ll probably be dead. Do you want me to die? Wait, don’t answer that.” He text me back “You make my brain hurt” so I text him back “At least it takes the focus off your mouth, your welcome.”

So, before I actually started writing my ‘disclaimer’ post, I decided to catch up on the bloggess. Now I have to wait until that flushes out of me, then I can try again.



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  1. Oh man! I disappeared again and I remember reading this so What was wrong with me this time?

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