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Joe Mama

Good morning and happy Sunday!

I tell ya, this boy –

is one brave

and funny little boy!

Last night, John and I spent the evening at the Pediatric Urgent Care. He had been sick since Wednesday, but seemed to be getting better as the week came to a close. Yesterday, he woke up seemingly just fine. But as the day progressed, his health went down hill. It started out with just a cough and a runny nose. Then a slight fever. Then he started throwing up again  (he woke up Wed morning throwing up all over everything). Then his asthma kicked in like it always does when he’s sick. So off to the urgent care we go.

When we got there, his oxygen level was at 89. They got him back to a room right away and started him on a breathing treatment. His wheezing eased up and his breathing got a little better, but his oxygen level wasn’t where they wanted it. The doc came in and said he wanted to start him on steroids. Great, that’s just what I need. A hurricane on steroids. They gave him a dose of oral steroids and some Motrin, then sent us off for some xrays. The nurse promised him a popcycle when we got back from the xrays. After much deliberation on which flavor of popcycle he wanted, he finally settled on red. The nurse came back with a red popcycle, and he refused to eat it. He said it wasn’t cold. I told him I would eat it if he didn’t, and he said “fine”. So I started eating it. I asked him if he wanted to just try the popcycle. He said, No, it’s not cold. I told him it was cold, but he said, It’s not cold for me. So, after all the meds started kicking in, John was feeling much better. Then the fun began!

They came in to give John a second breathing treatment. One of the nurses comes in to check on him while he’s in the middle of it. She introduces herself as Carla. She leans over and asks John, “what’s your name?” John hums and haws behind his mask. Carla says, “Is it Joe?” John says, “no”. Carla asks, “Is it Jim?” John says, “Uh-Uh” Carla says, “Oh, I know, it’s John.” John says, “No wait, my name is Joe.” Carla says, “Oh, and who is this?” pointing at me. John says, “This is Joe Mama!” So the rest of the night, John was Joe, and I was Joe Mama.

The respitory nurse who was administering the breathing treatments was named Kimberly. John refused to call her Kimberly. She was Purple Juice. I think because she had on purple scrubs.

So, after a long evening at the urgent care, 2 different perscriptions (1 was a 5 day steroid), and making the nurses laugh – John was discharged.

While I am so thankful for medication that helps John breathe, I just hate the side effects of these steroids. He was so wired last night and would not go to sleep. He was up until 11pm, then crashed hard after his last breathing treatment. He’d wake up periodically screaming and I would ask him, “where does it hurt?” He told me, “I don’t know”. James and I both wanted to cry.

This morning, he woke up in a perfectly good mood as if he’d gotten a good nights sleep. We administered another breathing treatment and read “You are special” by Max Lucado. (I love that book!)

Besides all of John’s drama, I am learning how to use my husbands film SLR camera. The pictures above were actually taken from that camera. Unfortunately, after 2 folls of film, those are probably the only 2 good pictures I got. *sigh* I’m hesitant to even think about purchasing a digital SLR if I’m not any good with a film SLR. And most of the pics were done on the auto setting!

I hope most of this post made sense. I haven’t taken my meds in 2 days, mostly because I can’t turn my brain off after taking them and being sick on Friday made it really hard to get rest when my mind kept singing “Glory to you, Glory to you, Glory to you most high.” While I love singing praises to my God, it gets a little annoying after singing the same verse a thousand times when I’m trying to sleep. So, no meds again until I return to work, which will hopefully be tomorrow. I apologize now to my husband and father in law who will suffer the most because probably no housework will get done. I’m sorry…

In the meantime, have a happy Sunday!



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