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It’s Monday… again

This is my random musings as started by Mrs. Nurse Boy at Poop on Jelly in Not Me! Monday fashion started by McMama at McMama.com. Mrs. Nurse Boy – we should get you a button!

When my 3 year old Mustard man got sick all over our bed and floor, I most certainly did not allow the dog to ‘help’ clean it up. This did not gross out said Mustard man.

If your 3 year old is going to get sick at 3am, this would be a good time to teach him to stay in his own bed.

I most certainly did not encourage the sick 3 year old to sleep with us every night until he felt better.

Make sure you ‘puke train’ your children at a very early age. This will save you a lot of money on laundry detergent & vaccuum bags. And you know, I’m all about saving money. Remember?

I absolutely did not throw my bible at the cat because she was terrorizing the dog, and I did not twitter or facebook about it. I am always kind to animals no matter how rotten they’re being.

Learn from past experiences, especially when you post about them. Let me re-itterate – Don’t argue with an 8 year old boy. (Which I never do) They don’t use normal logic. They don’t even understand their own logic, so using their logic on them doesn’t work either… I don’t think. Since I’ve never done that, I really wouldn’t know.

I did not tell my three year old “No, you cannot put the tissue box on your foot and use it as a boot.” This did not give me a great idea for a halloween costume. My husband and I were not thinking of halloween costumes nearly at the same time. And we did not, just a few days later, by matching halloween costumes at the Cracker Barrel because they were 80% off which made $30 costumes only $6.

Don’t ever forget your sons inhaler at home when you go out. This will result in a trip home and nearly making you later for dinner out with the family. I would never do such a thing. I always remember my children’s medications.

Lastly, but most important – remember to thank God for all he has done, and for all he will do. Thank him for the good times and the bad. Because without the bad times, you just can’t appreciate the good.

Many blessings



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