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Conversations at the dinner table

Can it be? 3 posts in one day? What can I say? Today has been full of funny stuff, and I like to post funny stuff! However, I suggest you savor these posts, and maybe read them one day at a time because tomorrow is Saturday and I have a softball game tonight. Most of the time, I’m just the scorekeeper, but being that Casting Crowns is in town doing a concert tonight, and our softball team is in a church league, most of our team will not be present tonight. So, I may have to play – in which case, I’ll be too sore to write anything tomorrow.

Now, before I get to the funny conversation, I think you need a little history. I’m sure you noticed I often refer to my youngest son, John, as Mustard. A while back, John and I were playing ‘Monster’.   Are you getting it yet? I was in the kitchen and he was in the living room. The two rooms are seperated by a fireplace, then a little desk area with a ‘passthrough’ between the living room and kitchen. John screamed at me, “YOUR A MUSTARD”  meaning Monster. So I screamed back, “NO, YOUR A MUSTARD”. This made John really mad. He ran into the kitchen screaming, “NO, I’M JOHN.” and slamming his little fists into his stomach as he said John for emphasis. His little face turned different shades of red as we continued to argue over what his name was. I couldn’t help but laugh at how angry he had gotten. He had never gotten angry like that before and hasn’t since. But ever since then, I’ve called him Mustard. It doesn’t make him mad anymore, and actually I would even venture to say he likes it. We’ll be shopping at WalMart and go down the condiment aisle. He’ll point at the mustard and say, “Mommy, it’s me – Mustard.”

So, the best conversations always happen at the dinner table. Since I call John Mustard all the time, I decided Gary needed a similiar nickname. We were having a fend-for-yourself night for dinner and Gary made himself a sandwhich. I took this opportunity to try out the new nickname.

Me: “How’s your sandwich, Ketchup?”

G: “I’m not ketchup, I’m mustard”

Me: “No, your not. John is Mustard. He’s always been Mustard.”

G: “Well, then we’re switching. I’ll be Mustard and he can be Ketchup.”

Me: “No, I’d never be able to keep that straight.”

G: “Ok, then I’ll be Jelly”

Me: “Jelly, huh? Ok, how your sandwich, Jelly?”

G: “Pretty good.”

John: “I wanna be butter”

Me: “You can’t be butter, your Mustard.”

John: “No, I wanna be PB”

Me: “PB?? Great, now I have a sandwich family”

I just LOVE dinner time!



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