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Yes, I sew. But not very well

I’m such a lazy projecteer. (Is that even a word?) Anyway, when it comes to projects, I tend to put them off until the very last second! For example: my very best friend, Stephanie, was pregnant with a little girl. I was so excited for her because she all ready has 2 little boys. So I decided with my new sewing abilities, I would make the baby a blanket.

I wanted to make a blanket that was soft on one side and silky on the other. So, I bought some fleece material and silky material and attempted to sew them together. It did not go well. I ended up sewing part of the silky side to the fleece side. Then I took some pictures of it on John’s head.

I even did a top stitch! Needless to say, my first experience with making baby blankets was not a success.
I did a little more reading on google (google is my friend) and found this wonderful website called FreeNeedle.come. It gives you a list of instructional websites where you can find anything you want on sewing stuff! I was jazzed! I found a website that showed me step by step, with pictures (pictures are very helpful!) how to make a baby blanket.
However, my laziness still won out and by the time the precious baby was born, I still had not purchased the fabric to make the baby blanket. *sigh* It wasn’t until she called me to say she would be flying in the next day on a family emergency that I decided to get my butt in gear!
The next day, I went to a fabric store I had never been to before. I decided this new store must be fabric heaven because it was wonderful! I got the softess baby fabric and a baby fleece for the back. I had the blanket put together by that evening and completed by the next day.
This is baby Brynna with her blanket. I had forgotten to take pictures of the blanket before I gave it to her, so her mom made sure to take pictures for me! Isn’t she the cutest baby you ever saw!?! Well, I think so anyway! I just love babies!!
Now, I’m running out of time on my next baby blanket project. My friend Courtney is due next month with a baby girl. I’m determined to get her the blanket before this baby is due. So, yesterday, I went to the fabric store and purchased the fabric. I’m hoping to get the blanket completed this weekend!
Oh, and yes – that is a silky fabric you see on top! I’m praying this time around won’t be a disaster.



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