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Not Me! Monday

MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week

I did not make 5 blog posts last Monday, and was not completely overwhelmed by all the blogging done on Monday’s. I did not ponder why Monday’s were so busy with blog posts and did not make the decision to not do that again. My tens of readers enjoy everything I write, and I cannot dissapoint them.

I did not tell my Nephew that he has exceeded his limit on how many times he can say “Aunt Michelle” in any given hour. Likewise, I did not tell John that he has exceeded his limit on how many times he can say “Mommy” in any given hour. Not that either of them would have understood me anyway if I had said that.

I did not break my door handle and lock on my car door this morning, leaving me wondering if I should go to work today because, you know, my car wouldn’t lock.

I am not completely drained of emotion this morning, I did not have a complete meltdown in church yesterday, and I did not make it worse by screwing up my friends blanket that I’m making for her baby. Darn sewing machine. oh wait, that was me who screwed up, not the sewing machine.
Enough with the Not Me’s… I am praying for a better week and that next weeks baby shower will not affect me the way this weekends did.

Lastly, my random musings will be posted tomorrow.



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