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Random Musings

Since I didn’t work on my many posts in progress today, here’s some random thoughts that went through my head this week.

I’m wondering if random musings is appropriate for these posts. I thought maybe I could call them ‘Proverbs by Michelle’, or ‘Stuff most people all ready know, but I’m so slow I’m just now figuring it out’. I think the last one is bit long, but more truthful! šŸ™‚ Oh well, I’ll just stick to Random Musings for now…


First and second most important – don’t ever get in the habit of using bad language even when you think the children aren’t within ear shot. Their hearing range is incredible. I think it’s even better then a dog’s. They will hear the certain name you’ve been calling your husband and FIL and they will repeat that word over and over and over again.


When you sew a blanket, sew the back to the front – RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. If you don’t, make sure you catch your mistake before you sew the whole thing together.


When you want something so badly, the universe will use that to tortue you. For example, I’ve recently had an aching for a daughter. So yesterday, I found 2 pairs of pink baby socks on the floor of the boy’s room. 2 pairs!!  How in the world did they get there, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine.


No, I have not had any little girls in my house recently. At least, not in the last 2 weeks.


Yes, I clean the boy’s room more often then every 2 weeks.


Besides that, the little girl that was over is way too big to fit in these socks.

Remember little cutie pa-tootie?
Don’t put dot wall stickers on children’s bedroom walls low enough so that they can take them off use them as shirt stickers, because they will take them off and use them as shirt stickers.
If you’re a mother of little children and you have the opportunity to go grocery shopping all by yourself, TAKE IT! It will probably be the only moment of sanity you get besides sleeping. Unless you’re dreaming of children, or waking up to screaming children, or cleaning up little children puke in the middle of the night, then the grocery store will be your only source of sanity.
And since it’s dinner time, my last random musing…. Most importantly – Praise HIM!



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