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Crap, it’s Monday again. Time to entertain the masses.. er… elite again.

Yes, I looked up the antonym of masses to come up with elite. I also had to look up the opposit of synonym to get antonym. I did, however, know what a synonym was. Ain’t I smart?

I posted my randomness rather late in the week last week and TOTALLY forgot to include some linky love to Mrs. Nurse Boy at Poop on Jelly who started this whole mess awesome idea. I hope she will forgive me and will rectify that by giving her double the linky love today. See! So, go check out other random stuff that other people are randomly talking about here.  Ok, so that’s more then double but who’s counting… besides me.

I am a very good multi-tasker. I can write on my blog as I stare out the window watching the cars go by as I think of something to write. Ok, maybe I’m not writing and thinking of something to write at the same time because that doesn’t make any sense. But I can stare out the window and do one of those two. Sweet, huh?


I totally had this all written out earlier this morning and pressed the publish button, but after I press publish, the site gets blocked. Sometimes, it lets me publish it, sometimes it doesn’t. But most of the time it will save what I’ve written. However, this is not one of the ‘most of the time’ times. And since I initially wrote this post a few hours ago, I’ve since forgotten what I wrote. Stupid me for not writing it in word first.


I made the rainbow cake this weekend that MckMama blogged about here which was brought over by Amanda from here who got the recipe from this lady here. It was so pretty and very delicious and yes, I will share the pictures with you later. But that’s a post all in itself!


Will I ever overcome puberty? My husband might argue I haven’t quite entered puberty, but my face begs to differ. Seriously, why am I still getting zits at 28? Zits and gray hair – I think my body is confused.


I am a hyocrite. I bite my nails, but I won’t let my son bite his. Bad mommy.


I got to play girl stuff this weekend. It was so much fun. My niece spent the night Saturday night. She helped me make pancakes and rainbow cake, and we soaked our feet in the bathtub full of green tea soak, then I painted her nails while John splashed around in the green tea soak then squated in it and soaked his underwear. At least his bottom is nice and soft now! And I got to braid her hair like a thousand times and still ended up going home with her hair down. Hmmmm…


Ok, I think that’s it… for now. Maybe. Oh wait, last one. Forgive others as He has forgiven us.


Ok, that’s it. I swear. (and I do, unfortunately)



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