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Yes, yes I did… make the Rainbow Cake

This past weekend, we spent some time with friends. I had been dying to make the rainbow cake that MckMama blogged about and was thrilled to pieces to find out that my new blog friend, Amanda, made this cake and posted on her blog where to find the recipe!

Since my niece was over spending time with me, she helped me make the cake! It was so fun to make, so pretty to look at, and so yummy to eat!

Started by getting out all the ingredients and utensils needed.
My beautiful niece, Victoria got to mix her mommy’s favorite color.
I’m fairly certain the oven was happy to have something so colorful to bake!
And I’m sure the bowls were happy too!
John pointing at his mommy’s favorite color!
Ok, so my frosting job isn’t nearly as pretty as Amanda’s, but my baking skills are still in the infant stages, ok?
And since I have absolutly nothing original to say on my cake, I will copy Amanda’s cake on this aspect too, and not well either.
But the end result – it was really pretty, and I learned something new. Did you know that a rainbow’s colors actually have an order to them? Of course you did, that’s why the original recipe had the order of the colors. Of course, it wasn’t explained to me on that recipe that it went in that order because of the rainbow rule. I later found out the rainbow rule from my friend after we cut the cake. She was so excited that the colors went in order and I kinda looked at her dumbly wondering what she was talking about. Then it clicked as to why the order of the colors was on the recipe!

See – so pretty. This should probably go in the ‘stuff people all ready know but I’m so slow, I’m just now figuring it out’.
The cake was so delicious and pretty and enjoyed by all.
Thank you Amanda!

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