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Welcome to fall

I love fall! When the air gets a little chilly, sweaters are needed in the morning and evenings, and the boys have to wear pants to cover up all the dirt and bruises. Oops, did I say that out loud? I mean, uh… oh forget it. They’re boys.

Now, I know most of my pictures of the boys so far they’ve been in their underwear. That’s because the summer is consistantly 100+ degrees outside. The less clothes, the cooler they’re going to be. Add a sprinkler and a trompoline, and much fun will be had. However, since the weather is cooling down, they are starting to wear pants. Just to show you they really do wear pants, here’s some photo’s to prove it!

Shirts are a completely different story in our house.
So, in honor of fall – I have made some blog changes! I so wish I could make blog backgrounds like the professionals, but this is what I’ve learned to far.



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