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Not Me! Monday


This blog carnival was started my MckMama because she’s not afraid to share some of the embarrassing things that people do. And yes, everybody has moment’s that you would rather not admit to. So go to her blog and check out what she and everybody else has not been up to.
I did not completely enjoy a couple of kid free hours while John spent some time at Nana’s house and Gary spent time with his dad. Not only did I not enjoy kid free hours, I did not enjoy boy free hourse since James was out and about and FIL was in Prescott! Oh, the silence was not lovely. I did not get to sew, or blog, or catch up on my shows.
I did not blame all the mistakes I made on the hats I’ve attempted to make on my A.D.D. I also did not find the pattern for my hat on the internet instead of buying a pattern. I am a professional seamstress and always strive for perfect-ness in all my sewing projects.
I did not pout, scream voice loudly my dissappointment, stomp around, or threaten to stab my husband with my fabric shears because he refused to buy me white cake mix and frosting so I could attempt to make rainbow cupcakes. I am an adult, afterall. Such antics are left to the children.
I have never, would never, and am currently not staring out the window of my office building trying to avoid work think of something clever to say. *oooh, there goes a coke truck*
I did, however, thank my Saviour for all that He has blessed me with.



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