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Again! Again, Mommy!

Because there’s nothing like the sound of a child laughing
Because children find joy in the simple things
We could all take lessons on happiness from children.

It’s no wonder Jesus said: “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

Just before dinner last night, John had scraped his little foot as he was trying to get outside. He ran over to me with his tear and dirt stained face, raised his arms up to me and said, “I got hurt.” He sat in my lap and pointed at the little scratch he received for his efforts at escaping. Since I knew what the next words out of his mouth were going to be, I wanted to make sure to avoid his hysterics when I told him no. So before he could say it, I told him, “I’m not going to kiss your foot. It’s yucky”

So we sat together on the office chair. I held him tight as his sobs subsided. His little legs not even long enough to reach past my lap. I started spinning the chair first one way, then the other. The sobs stopped completely and he was content just to sit in my lap and enjoy the swaying back and forth. Then, I spun the chair all the way around.

A little giggle escaped his mouth.

I spun the chair around some more. A little more giggles escaped. I put both my feet on the floor and spun the chair around and around. This time, John just couldn’t contain himself. He was belly laughing! Every time I picked up my feet to let the chair just spin, John would say, “Again! Again, Mommy!” until I put my feet back on the floor and continued to spin him around.

My legs were starting to get sore, so I told John to wait a few minutes. I got up and placed John on the chair by himself, and used the back of the chair to spin him some more. When the chair stopped spinning, he’d get up, flail his arms and scream, “Wohw, wohw, wohw” then fall to the ground like he was too dizzy to stand up. When he composed himself, he got up and said “Your turn, mommy!” So I sat in the chair, curled my legs up and let him spin me around and around. John was laughing so hard, he could barely push the chair! I was getting so dizzy, I couldn’t see straight.

By the time we were done spinning, the dining room was in disarray and his scratch was forgotten. I’m just so thankful for the little moments I get to spend with my boys.



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