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Conversations at the dinner table

As FIL is getting dinner on the table –

John: “Dad, dinner is ready. Momma, dinner is ready. Gar, dinner is ready.”

As we are all sitting down getting ready to serve dinner-

John:”I’ll pray it up, I’ll pray it up! Momma, I’ll pray it up!”

Daddy: “John, do you want to pray it up?”

John: “Nah”

As dinner commences-

Gary: “I am really dizzy. I feel like my ear is full of fluff and when I lie down I can hear a loud bang. My head hurts, and my stomach is gurgly.”

Papa: ”Sounds like you have a case of the ‘fall-a-parts’. “

Gary: “What’s that?”

Daddy: “That’s what happens when you don’t have the ‘put-togethers’”

As I’m trying to assemble my mashed potatoes-

This is more of a silent conversation that James and I have whenever mashed potatoes are served.

Michelle: Shapes her mashed potatoes into a mountain, digs a well in the middle, places the butter in the well, covers the hole over with mashed potatoes. Looks over and James, give the evil eye knowing he wants to smash the mashed potatoes. Protects the mashed potatoes with hand.

James: Looks slyly first at me, then the mashed potatoes. Bides his time for the perfect moment to make his move.

Michelle: Waiting for butter to melt properly inside the mashed potato mountain and grabs a forkful of peas with one hand still protecting the MPM with the other hand.

James: Assumes I’m no longer paying attention to him as I load my fork full of peas and makes his first move. He jabs the back of his fork over my hand in his attempt to smash the MPM.

Michelle: Is just too quick for James and blocks his first attempt and throws the forkful of peas into the air in doing so.

FIL: “What the HE!# was that all about?”

James: “Michelle always makes a MPM whenever we have mashed potatoes and I always try to smash them. It’s been going on for years now.”

Michelle: ”Yeah, but this is the first time I’ve ever flung peas everywhere.“

James: Assumes once again that I am no longer paying attention and makes another attempt to smash the MPM.

Michelle: Stealthily thwarts his attempt

James: Frustrated, he jabs aimlessly at the MPM.

Michelle: “If you poke me with your fork, you’ll be sorry. “

James: For the moment, relents on smashing the MPM.

Michelle: Decides the butter inside the MPM has properly melted, and smashed her own mashed potato mountain. “I WIN! HA HA”

This is why dinner is my favorite time of the day!

And, because I have A.D.D. and I’ll use any means possible to remember stuff – Don’t let me forget to tell about “Again, Again Mommy” If I don’t post it by this time tomorrow, send me an email. Please



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