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NO! I’m not ready!

Do you see it???

No? Look closer

Now do you see it? Picture one was taken just a few minutes after my initial observation of my eldest son. Picture 2 was taken just last July.

No, it’s not the missing tooth that is in picture 2 and not in picture 1. I’m not talking about his goofy smile either. Give up?

HIS CHEEKS!! The fat cheeks in picture 1 mean only one thing. He’s preparing. Preparing for what, Michelle? This guessing game is getting ridiculous. Oh really? Well, if you’re going to be all snarky about it, then maybe I don’t want to share with you.  *oh wait, I’m arguing with myself now. Probably because I don’t want to say what is going on here.*

He’s preparing for another growth spurt! ARRGG!! Gary, my dearest Gary.  I am not prepared for this. Please hold out for just a few more years. I promise my dear sweet boy, if you hold out on growing up for just a few more years I’ll be better prepared. Lord, if Gary won’t listen to me, will you? He’s my sweet baby boy. Please keep him my sweet baby boy. Please, please, PLEA-HE-HE-HE-HEEEEEEESE!

All right, fine. Nobody listens to me anyway, so I guess I better go get myself prepared for a soon to be taller kid. In not too much time, he’ll be taller then me. But then again, that’s not hard to say about anybody. I’ll see about posting a picture later to show you what I mean.

In other news – ummm, there is no other news. I just logged on to tell you that. TheEnd



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