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A lesson in suffixes

Updated – See bottom of post

So, I decided since my life is pretty random, I should have an on going post about random stuff. You know, kinda like what Mrs. Nurse Boy does on Monday’s, only more often. It would be kinda like Mrs. Nurse Boy meets Michelle at the A.D.D. convention and they both run into The Bloggess. But I couldn’t figure out why Mrs. Nurse Boy was there except maybe for moral support, or to bust me out of the joint. *Wait, that was a convention we were at, not an asylum*


So, anyway – I was trying to figure out a good title for these posts and wanted to come up with something catchy. What’s more catchy then adding a suffix to the word ‘Random’, like ‘Random-ness’. But, since ‘Randomness’ is used quite often, I wanted something original and spicy and FUN! So, I googled ‘suffixes’ and found a Suffix List. That’s right people, I am now armed with an arson of suffixes. So, for your reading pleasure – here’s a list of suffixes I could use to the end of Random the meaning of the suffix, and how I could use it.


capable of
Randomable: capable of being random. O yes, I could. But spell check does not like this one.

ac, ic
like, pertaining to
Randomic: like totally random or pertaining to being random. No, this one doesn’t work. Spell check doesn’t like this one either. NEXT

acious, icious
full of
Randomacious: Full of Random. Yes, I like this one. But again, spell check doesn’t like it. Spell check is totally overrated.

like, connected with
Randomary: Connected with random. I like the work, but the meaning just doesn’t fit. Spell check doesn’t like this either.

to make
Randomate: To make random. I think I do that on a daily basis, but it’s just not spicy or fun. I think I’m going to turn spell check off.

that which is
Randomation: That which is random. I like it! Spell check does not. The little red lines are getting really irritating.

state of being
Randomacy: The state of being random. I think this will be my new political view. “Hello Mr. President. I belong to the Randomic Party.”

eer, er, or
person who
Randomeer, Randomer: Person who is random. That pretty much describes me through and through. Spell check is going down.

Randomescent: Not sure this makes a lot of sense. Good think spell check doesn’t like either.

to make
Randomfy: To make random. I could do that. Just had a thought that included all the left over scraps in my fabric bin. That could be seriously random and I could make it!

producing, bearing
Randomiferous: Having lots of randomness. The definition of my suffix has a suffix. Ow – my head hurts.
doctrine, belief – had to laugh at one of the examples the website gave: communism – real bad idea
Randomism: belief in random stuff. Well, since random is a reil word so would the stuff that goes with it. This could work. Just as long as it’s not worshipped or anything.
dealer, doer
Randomist: I’m a doer of random stuff. I deal out randomness. Has this gone on long enough? I think not. Besides, spell check hasn’t found one it likes yet.

ize, ise
to make
Randomize: To make random. This one’s not so fun, but spell check finally found a work it likes.
full of
Randomose: Full of random. HA HA!

Randomosis: The state of being random. Can I live there?!?!

full of
Randomous: ‘you’re so randomous’. That just sounds weird. Scratch that!

state of
Randomitude: The state of being random. Hmmm, I think I’ve repeated myself, but I still want to live their.

Ok, so my spell check really only like one of these words and I just wasn’t terribly impressed with it. So, I’ve decided to manually add all of these words to my dictionary so I can use them whenever I want and not get an ugly red line under it.

And you thought this blog was purely for entertainment! Little did you know, that you would be educated as well… or not.

Which of these definitions do YOU like?

Updated to acommodate my commenter! Thanks for the awesome suggestion. (What were we talking about again?)

Ummm, I think it needs some work.



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