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Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday. This blog carnival was started by MckMama. You can head over to her blog and check out what everyone has not been up to. If you want to participate, you can either link up with her, or just leave your comments here. You might even find it therapeutic.

Today is not my husband’s birthday, therefore, he would not have found his desk at work in such disarray this morning. I did not give any idea’s to one of his co-workers on how to screw with him on his birthday. I am a loving wife and I know how much he hates that sort of thing, so I would never encourage anybody to mess with him like that.

Yes, my dear sweet husband also goes my Gary.

I did not spend time braiding the hair of some of our littler guests last night. I am an attentive host at all times, and I would not use other people’s daughters to satisfy my own desires to play with little girl’s hair. And since I wasn’t braiding hair, then I also did not allow a certain 2 year old guest to bite my brush in an attempt to keep her busy and sitting still, which did not result in her ripping the handle apart. I did not think, “Totally worth it, cause I got to play with her hair!” I am not that desperate!
Since I am a completely organized mess in everything I do, then last weeks shopping trip did not end with me losing my shopping list which had all of my price matches on it. I did not have to rely on the ads I printed out from 4 different grocery stores, have to look through each of the ads on every item the cashier scanned just to make sure I got the best price available. I also did not drop my grocery folder, spill all the coupons on the floor, then pick them up and stuff them back into the folder haphazardly. Since that didn’t happen, then there weren’t any customers in line behind me watching this all play out and I didn’t glance back at them to apologize only to see them snickering. Therefore, I did not decide to take my own sweet time finishing up.

While sitting down, organizing my coupons for the week

my husband came up to me and asked me where the boys were. Of course, I did not respond with “um, I don’t know” because I am an attentive mother and always know the whereabouts of my children. While searching for the children, we did not find them on the front lawn lying in the grass, dazing at the sky, in their underwear. Nope, not our children… just one of them was in their underwear. At least he put his shoes on first.

So, the week is shaping up to be a great week! May God bestow many blessings on all of my ‘fives of readers’.



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