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Is this mean?

James was planning to take the evening to go to the shooting range with his dad while I was at bible study with the kids. Well, as luck would have it, Gary decided not to feel well and with the swine flu pandemic and 15 kids out of school with the swine flu, I decided it would be best just to stay home from church tonight.

Well, John being in his new ‘I wanna go’ phase, did not make an exception for this evening. After realizing daddy was leaving, he runs into his bedroom and puts his pants on. This only made worse by daddy who knows what he’s up to and gives in to buttoning his pants for him. Now John really thinks he’s going, and runs back to his room and put on his shoes.

Please excuse the blurriness of the photo’s, when you only have a second to get the shot, there’s no time to re adjust the settings on the camera.

Picture 1 is John telling daddy to wait. Picture 2 is John’s reaction to daddy leaving without him. Picture 3 is John watching them leave on top of the night stand in their bedroom. It’s just so stinkin’ sad. It almost makes you want to take him, doesn’t it?
Yesterday, John comes up to me and asks if he can have a cookie.
Me: No
John: Please, can I have a cookie?
Me: No, you may not have a cookie
John: Can I say please?
Me: Yes, you can say please. But it won’t get you a cookie.
John: Gives me a weird look and rolls his eyes. Mommy, please say yes.
Me: No
John: Say yes
Me: Is now laughing hysterically, through the tears of laughter says – No.
Conversation with Ms. Glen at the afterschool care program today.
MG: Is this Mrs. Hart
Me: Yes
MG: This is Ms. Glen from LM. Gary came in after school complaining of a sore throat and an upset stomach. I just wanted to let you know so you can get here as soon as possible.
Me: He’s probably faking it
On my husbands birthday:
Me: Honey, you are now officially in your late 20’s
James: Shut up
I’m sure there were many other mean things I did or said, but they’re not coming to mind right now.
On a positive note – my dad’s kind of awesome. He read my random post and came up with 5 more suffixes for random.
Randomecular: The smallest degree of random
Randomonium:  Chaotic randomness
Randomicity: Fluid randomness
Ranomocrity: Mediocre randomness
Randomilliance: Brilliantly random
Out of these, my favorites are Randomonium and Randomilliance! Thanks dad! 🙂

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