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This post is FULL of bible references – can you find them?

Gasp!! She’s on the computer and she’s not at work! The hubby is off with FIL and the kids are playing with a friend, so technically, spending a few minutes on the computer to update this blog and check my facebook isn’t taking time away from them… right? RIGHT?!?!?!

Just a couple things we’ve been up to lately. I’ve noticed an increase in less then desirable behaviour from Gary lately. Talking to him, grounding him and rewarding him hasn’t seemed to work. I saw this calandar that someone made for a blogger I follow and decided – I could do that! So 3 days of stalking free digital scrapbooking websites, putting it together, having it lamanated and magnatized, it is finally finished.

It is a Fruit of the Spirit calandar complete with action tags. The Fruits of the spirit are displayed at the bottom and the action tags or things that the boys can do that demonstrate one of the fruits. Once the action is done, the action tag is placed next to their name under the day of the week.

The top half shows the boy’s names and days of the week
The bottom half stores all the action tags

Some of the actions they can display in order to earn the tag next to their name.
This is the whole thing as it hangs from the refridgerator.
I tell ya, this little thing so far as done wonders for Gary’s attitude. He loves getting action tags next to his name, so he remembers to help his brother, say thank you, and give hugs!
So, my new bloggy friend Amanda made these super yummy looking pancakes and I decided to copy her.
I think even the dishes enjoyed it!
And remember that growth spurt I told you about last week?
After 4 rainbow pancakes, Gary made himself a HUGE bowl of cereal, mixing Cocoa Puffs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. No, I’m not health conscious  like so many of you are. The kids eat cereal full of sugar, my pancakes don’t have flaxseed or hummus or even wheat flour. I know it’s not good for them, but I like taste and apparantly, so do they!
Yes, he was actually reading that paper this morning. 
Ok, the time limit I’ve given myself has expired and laundry is calling my name. Have a blessed day to my ‘official’ 5’s of readers. Which means – Mrs. Nurse Boy is ‘officially’ my 5th follower!



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