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I can see it now…

A few years ago, our family made the commitment to pray before a meal. Soon after this commitment was made, the tradition started. It was the tradition of ‘whoever eats first before the prayer has to pray’.

A few years later, we moved into a small house with my father in law. He was very much aware of the first to eat rule and made the mistake of putting that first bite into his mouth. Now, my FIL is not a praying sort of man. To be honest, I’m not sure what his beliefs are about Christianity and religion. But, he was a good sport about this rule and complied. I don’t remember the prayer itself, but it was what he did afterwards that has made it’s way into our daily prayers. Instead of Amen, he said Buh-bye. John decided this was so much fun that he now says buh-bye after every meal prayer.

Since then, this tradition has grown into a life of it’s own. It doesn’t matter who is praying, but as soon as Amen is muttered, there is a loud round of BUH-BYE and fists in the air!

I can see it now…

It’s Thanksgiving dinner, the boys are grown, married, and children of their own. The whole family is over for the Thanksgiving feast. James, the head of the household, blesses the meal, everyone says Amen and then…




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