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The un-necessities of life

This is a rather short list of things that I find completely unnecessary, and if I could would banish them from my life.

Making the bed: What’s the point? Really. It’s just going to get messed up again when you go to bed. Me – I prefer to use the time I spend making the bed on more sleep. Thankfully, my husband does not push me on this issue.
Folding Towels: What’s wrong with stuffing freshly cleaned towels in the closet? They won’t dry a person any less. Sure, I can see folding them nicely to prevent wrinkles – if I was going to wear the towel in public. But since I’m not, what’s a few wrinkles in a towel? They’ll come out the first time it’s used anyway. Me – I prefer to use the time folding towels on more sleep. Unthankfully, my husband does not agree with me on this point.

Chuck E. Cheese / Peter Piper Pizza: Who ever thought up this sort of idea might have been neglected as a child and does not have children of their own. Oh, and might have been completely insane. I would much prefer to spend less money on good pizza and take it to the park where the kids can play. It would take much less time, and the time I saved I could use on sleep. I’m not really sure how my husband feels about this one, but since he’s usually the instigator of taking the kids to one of these places, I’m pretty sure he disagrees with me.

Analog clocks: Sure it helps a kindergartner with math, but so does… um… math problems. Digital clocks are available on practically every electronic piece of equipment imaginable – except maybe analog watches. Unless you’re Amish, in which case you wouldn’t be reading this blog. And I’m not sure what you’re take is on batteries, but I’m pretty sure analog clocks need batteries. *How do Amish people tell time?* Ahem Anyway, digital clocks are much faster to read then analog clocks. I could have slept in for another 5.3 seconds a day if I never tried telling time on an analog clock. I’m pretty sure my husband is thinking I’m insane now.

Putting stuff away: You know, like the hairbrush, toothbrush, face soap, contact lens case and saline. These are things I need everyday. It’s much like making the bed. I’m just going to get them out again the next morning, so why put them away? Sure, you might argue they need to be put away in case you have guests over and they need to use the bathroom. That’s why we have a guest bathroom. I would rather use the time I spend getting my stuff out on sleep. My husband does not agree with me on this one, but thankfully he’s used to my irrational way of thinking and doesn’t press the issue.

What kind of things do you find unnecessary?



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