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Where’s Waldo? Johnny style

Can you find them? You’re looking for 3 little monster trucks.
Let me introduce you to:

Bounty Hunter

and Grave Digger.

Have you found them yet? Ok, I might have given the ware-a-bouts away.

Yep, they are inside the pumpkin bucket. Why are they in the pumpkin bucket? You might be wondering. Well, because that’s where John put them. These are currently John’s favorite toys, and he plays with them everywhere. I find these 3 little guys in the oddest places.
This is where I found them this morning before work. Sitting inside his huge dump trunk. Not to be confused with the little dump truck. He has 2 of these dump trucks, but the little one can fit inside the big one. This is the big dump truck, and it was sitting in front of the doorway to the AZ room.
After snapping the first couple of pictures, I gave the Monster Trucks back to John and later found them sitting on top of the dining room table.

Have I mentioned John has an infatuation with Monster Trucks? Not only does he play with the miniature monster trucks, he also has a MONSTER monster truck.

This was 4th of July weekend when he first got this gravedigger toy. It’s still one of his favorites! (Don’t you just love the mohawk he’s sporting?)

And when he’s not playing with his monster trucks, John is watching Monster Jam on t.v. John knows the name of all the trucks that ride in Monster Jam, and some of the drivers too. He has a Monster Jam poster on his wall (thanks to daddy who picked out the decorations with Gary).
We didn’t tell John that Gary got to see Monster Jam (and Gravedigger) for real this past summer. I was only a little upset that John didn’t get to go.
I have a feeling there will be many more ‘where’s monster truck’ pictures to come!



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