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A 3 year olds perspective

This is what happens when a certain Mustard gets a hold of my camera.

And since we’re on the subject of a certain 3 year old Mustard – here’s more ‘Where’s Monster Truck’.
He lined them up and used them as a door stop to the play room. Not that the door needed a door stop, but the doorways seem to be his favorite place for his trucks. Probably because he wants to see me step on them and laugh when I scream in pain.

His second favorite place to put his monster trucks is daddy’s laptop. I have no idea why this is so much fun for him. Most of the time, I find them on the keyboard. So placing them right in front of the laptop is a new one.

Maybe they were waiting for the paper to come out. Or maybe they were monster repair trucks getting a look under ‘the hood’ of the printer. I have no idea. Oh, to be in the mind of this 3 year old!



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