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Back to the ‘normal’ random musings…

You know, the one written by the overworked, underpayed, under appreciated (by the kids, never by the ogre husband), and stressed out mommy! The randomonium was all started by Mrs. Nurse Boy over at Poop on Jelly. So head on over to her blog too and check her out. She’s awesome!

***First thing on my husbands honey-do list this weekend was ‘Clean Bathroom’. Ask me if the bathroom got cleaned?
**Answer is: No, of course!
*I really think he waits a really long time until I get too disgusted with it and clean it myself.

***Only in AZ –
**Is it still flip-flop weather in late October
**Can you watch the kids get off the school bus in all various forms of winter/summer dress. One kid was wearing shorts and short sleeves, one girl was wearing capri pants and short sleeves, some wearing pants and short sleeves, some wearing pants and jackets, and one was wearing shorts and a sweater… hmmm, go figure.

Last week, when I was sick and off work – John and I played Guitar Hero. John was getting upset with me because I only let him think he was playing, but really his guitar wasn’t even plugged in. So finally, I decided to let him actually play.

The next day I was home again, and apparently, I didn’t get around to making lunch in a timely enough manner to suit John. So he took matters into his own hands.
Yep, he got the sandwich stuff out all by himself, then grabbed the peanut butter. Why 4 pieces of bread? Because I apparently wanted a PB&J sandwich as well. And yes, John got the one with the finger dents in it!
I hate it when my kids get sick. I especially hate it when I was probably the cause of them being sick. So once again, I am home. Only this time with a sick Mustard. Asthma issues…
and a temperature…
John has gotten rather used to the breathing treatments, so last night after putting the mask on (he’s very independant these days and wants to do everything himself, so he had to turn the machine on), I turned around and saw him playing with the steam that came out of his mask. Did you know that by holding your breath and then taking short breathes out you can make the steam do some pretty wild stuff? Of course, I had to make him stop because he had to get it down into his lungs. Poor baby…
You’re probably also wondering where I found his monster trucks this morning. I actually got up in the middle of writing this to go find them. Can you guess where they are this morning?
Yep, I actually found them in the toy box! *GASP* I know! Frightening, isn’t it? My kids actually do put their stuff away. Shocked me too.
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:6



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