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Healing rain

Once again, I find myself staring out the window above my cubical walls. There are 3 large trees in the middle of a lush green patch of grass. The leaves on the trees are just starting to turn yellow and fall to the ground. This will be my first winter in my current location, so it will be interesting to see what the trees will look like when winter really hits.

It’s weird that I’ve never really paid attention to the changing of the leaves before. As I sit here watching the wind sway the branches and blow the leaves off the trees, I’m once again, in awe of God’s artwork. His fingers are his paintbrush and his canvas is the world, and me, and you. He’s crafted everything with his own two hands, right down to the smallest detail; exactly how he wants it. Right down the tiniest leaf on a tree, to the slight crookedness of a smile.

He knows when the leaf has fallen or when the smile has turned to a frown. Like the cold winter months, when the trees remain bare and seem lifeless, life also has its seasons. Seasons of sadness and despair; times when it seems like everything is fuzzy.

Like the cold winter months however, the season passes. Cleansing rain is poured on the earth, removing all remnants of the cold, and refreshes the ground. Colorful arrays of God’s handiwork is displayed everywhere you look. Spring has sprung. As with the season of sadness and despair, it will pass. God will cleanse and refresh the soul, and once again the world will be beautiful.

I am grateful to God who created me exactly how he wanted me, crooked smile and A.D.D. included. And when my smile turns to a frown, I will remember that my spring is right around the corner. For right now though, the healing rain is pouring down!



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