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The trees I stare at all day

This is the view from where I sit all day. In case you were wondering!


It’s getting chilly here in the desert. Mostly inside the office because I think they still have the A/C running. The simple fix: To steal my husbands jacket! That’s right dear, you stole my coffee cup; I steal your jacket!

Speaking of my dear sweet husband; I have to mention this because I told him I would and he said he wasn’t worried because I wouldn’t remember anyway! 🙂 I love you dear!

On Sunday evening, John was having some breathing problems. I sat him down on our bed and administered a breathing treatment. The breathing treatment takes about 15-20 minutes, so to pass the time I turned on the Disney Channel. James walked in while John and I were engrossed in an episode of Hannah Montana.

*Miley’s friend, Lily, had just confessed to Miley that she had a crush on her brother, Jackson. Lily was begging Miley to find out if Jackson felt the same way about her and this whole thing disgused Miley.*

James gave us a digruntled sigh and asked if he could change the channel. I told him no, John was watching it while he was getting his breathing treatment. So James propped up a pillow and sat down with us.

*Turns out, Jackson did feel the same for Lily, but Miley had lied to Lily saying he didn’t and told Jackson that Lily really didn’t feel that way about him. Lily and Jackson then decide to be angry at eachother the whole rest of the show. During a t.v. interview with Hannah Montana and friends, Lily and Jackson both praised Hannah on what a wonderful friend she was and that she would never lie all the while bashing eachother.*
By now, John’s breathing treatment had finished and I was trying to get him to say on the bed and watch the show so that I wouldn’t be sitting their watching Hannah Montana without an excuse. But, John had plans. One that probably included booby trapping doorways with Monster Trucks, so off he went. James and I stayed…

*While Lily and Jackson were busy praising their friend Hannah on what a wonderful friend she is, Hannah was trying to say that maybe she wasn’t such an awesome friend. After a full blown fight broke out on the set, Hannah finally stood up and told the truth. That Lily really did like Jackson and that Jackson felt the same about Lily. There was a round of awwwwww’s from both Lily and Jackson and Miley/Hannah made her speech about learning her lesson about lying.*

The show ended; I turn around to say something to James and he’s got this goofy grin on his face. As soon as he noticed me looking at him, the grin was wiped off, and I pointed and laughed at him! The pillow was thrown and I was tackled! I’m just so glad he didn’t see the stupid grin on my face.



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