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True Story Tuesday – I WIN!

This story is too funny not to share, so I’ve decided to participate in True Story Tuesday. These hilariously true stories can be found at Once Upon a Miracle.

In the winter of 2007, I was working for my Mother-in-law in a very small office. One day, she decided to task me with cleaning and inventorying the supply room. After everything had been counted and shelves had been dusted, my mother-in-law came in to take stock of the inventory. Apparently, I had unearthed several boxes of ink cartridges that she no longer had printers for, including one of those big cartridges for an industrial printer that cost hundreds of dollars. My MIL told me just to throw them out. Seeing an opportunity to make a couple bucks, I asked her if I could take them home and try to sell them on craigslist. She agreed to let me have them.

I placed several ads on craigslist as soon as I got home that afternoon. I placed the box next to the computer thinking they would sell quickly. James was not thrilled with the box’s location. After about a week, I had not gotten any responses, so I re posted the ads. After a month, I still had no responses, so I moved the boxes to our bedroom, and re posted the ads. I continued to re post the ads every couple of weeks, but did not get one single reply. Nobody was interested in buying my (now) heavily discounted, nearly free, printer cartridges. By now, James was getting really annoyed with the box sitting on our bedroom floor. He even tried to throw it away a few times.

In the summer of 2007, it was decided that we would be moving out of that house, and my father-in-law would be moving in with us when we moved. About a week before moving day, James, seeing the box on the floor again, told me we were NOT, under any circumstances, taking that box of cartridges to the new house. I told him fine, but that I would try to get them sold up until the day we moved. If I hadn’t sold them by then, I gave him permission to throw them away. The deal was made.

The day before moving day, I called up my father-in-law and asked him if he wanted to take part in a scheme that would drive James up a wall. Of course, he was more then willing! I told him when he came over the next morning, hand me $10 and I would give him a box of ink cartridges. I told him the deal James and I had made, but that I hadn’t sold any of the ink yet. But I would return his $10 with the proceeds I get from their sale. This deal was made.

That night, as James and I were crawling into bed, James had this great big grin on his face. I asked him what his deal was and he said, “Tomorrow is moving day! Which means, I threw away all that ink!” “Wait a second!” I said very loudly. “You said I had until moving day! That’s tomorrow. I have until the end of the day tomorrow to sell that ink!” James replied, “If you sell that ink before the end of the day tomorrow, I will dig the ink out of the dumpster myself.” ”Fine!” I said. Trying very, very hard to act upset and not laugh myself silly!

The next morning, my father-in-law arrives as James and I are organizing boxes in the garage. He steps out of his truck, reaches for his wallet and starts to hand me the $10. James turns around and asks “what’s this all about?” I turn to James and say, “Dear, please go dumpster diving, because I’ve sold the ink.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone turn sheet white to blood red as quickly as he did! A round of cursing at me and his father ensued. Then laughing all around! FIL and I both looked at James and asked if he was going to get the ink out, but James refused! FIL turned to me and asked for his $10 back, to which I replied – “No way! I sold you that ink. You and James made me a deal. This is between you and him now!” The end of the story? James never did get the ink out of the cartridge, and FIL never saw his $10 again!




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