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Thanksgiving –

A day to stop and remember all the things we are thankful for. And here are mine…

Jesus Christ who sacraficed his life so I could have one.

My husband, James, who gives up his un-traditional thanksgiving so that I can have my traditional one.

My son, Gary, who gives lots of hugs and says the most profound things.

My son, John, who likes to help, loves to dance, and play with his monster trucks.

My FIL who makes the yummiest bread cakes, even though he hates them.


My mom, who thinks I’m funny.

My husband

My dad, who probably thinks I’m weird.


My brother, Stephen, who took pity on us and accepted our invitation to thanksgiving dinner.

My husband

My sister, Rhiannon, who graciously allows uninvited neighbor kids to participate in her sons birthday activities.


My brother, David, who never gives up.

My husband

My job, that pays the bills.


Hope Church, which keeps me filled with the word.

My husband

All you wonderful bloggers, especially the ones who leave comments. But still thankful even if you don’t.


Chocolate chip cookies – why not?

My husband

Extension cords, so I can use the electric mixer from the kitchen island.


Wal-mart’s price matching and coupons so I can save a ton of money without switching to Geico… again.

My husband

Diet Dr. Pepper so can stay as fat as I all ready am without gaining more.


Sex.    Oops… was that taboo? Did I break a blogger rule? Oh well. I’m thankful for sex.

My husband –  see, perfect for the previous entry!

Oh and Jesus. I’m thankful for him too.



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