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100th post woes

I had this great idea for a 100th post celebration. I even got it started. It involved lots of pictures and some history. Instead, you’re stuck with this. I’m sorry.

Why this instead of my grand idea, you ask? Because this morning, I scratched my eye. I have no idea who I managed to do that, but manage I did. And when I say I scratched my eye, I don’t mean the eye lid, the corner, underneath it. No, I scratched my cornea and it hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It actually brought me to my knees in both pain and prayer. The E.R. doc diagnosed me with a “cornea abrasion” which I think is the technical term for OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW x 1000. And if it weren’t for Mr. Black’s 7th grade computer lab that taught me how to type without looking at the keyboard, you probably wouldn’t be getting this post at all! You’re welcome.

So, in celebration of my 100th post and in light of my injury today… A conversation that really happened.

John: Mommy, are you blind?

Me: No

John: Why not?

Me: Do you want me to be blind?

John: Yes

A few seconds later, I cracked my good eye open just long enough to catch him stealing my glasses.

I hope the rest of my 7’s of readers – *Ha James* have a blessed week.



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